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Is this why you can’t get it off your mind?

My first meditation retreat was going really well. The whole space – a complex below a temple – was set up to support new meditators. Each day we enjoyed two meals, a short morning class, and the use of two meditation halls. We were in silent retreat except for a daily interview with a teacher,

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Don’t control me!

Getting back in control, when the four-year old in you has taken over My heart rate jumped. I scowled, and my whole body tightened. I clenched my jaw in total resistance. ‘No!’ ‘No!!!!!!” That could be describing me at four years-old, being told to go to bed before my big brother. Except I was 44, and

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How I kept from missing years of meditation

How I kept from missing years of meditation When I first started meditating, it felt great. I’d had a little instruction and I started sitting at home, alone, every morning. With that, I was leaving for work every day with a state of calm and bliss, and my days were simply going much better. Knowing

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Why am I obsessing over this?

What I did next was from a meditation I’d recently been taught. For the purpose of this short blog, I’ve broken it down into ‘Four steps to change the tune and get someone out of your head:”

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