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Navigating Change

If humans are plants, then mindfulness is phototropism, (the ongoing process of growing towards the light). Yet unlike plants, moving towards the

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How Good Posture Brings Good States

When we asked Jordan to write something about his experience as a Karma Yogi at Clear Sky, we didn’t know a poet lurked within. And yet if you know this gentle man, then perhaps you’re not surprised at all.

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Wellness retreats in nature as an antidote to anxiety

Ever wondered how the best wellness retreats work?
Wellness retreats heal anxiety and nurture our whole being, because the environment has been consciously prepared for the purpose. Mindful attention to detail, both inside and outside, tell the body and mind it is time to relax.

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Wellness retreats in canada

Healing Ecological Grief – Meditate in Nature

A new term, ‘Ecological Grief,’ describes our natural reaction to actual or anticipated ecological losses. No wonder there’s a term for this feeling. After all, we’re seeing the loss of species, ecosystems, and meaningful landscapes, all because of acute or chronic environmental change.

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How I Cured My Insomnia

It was at the end of a meditation retreat and I was exhausted. Not because of the retreat but because, once again, I hadn’t slept the entire time.

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Are You Up for a Challenge?

How can we keep things fresh, awake, when our working days or lives look much the same, week in, week out? Or when we find that even with regular practice, we don’t seem to be going anywhere?

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So tell me what you want, what you really, really want!

When I start a meditation retreat these days, I know it takes me quite a while to calm the system down from living and working with technology. In those first few days, the levels of nervousness and agitation are much more than 16 years ago. It’s because I’m on the computer and on social media much more now.

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