How Good Posture Brings Good States

How Good Posture Brings Good States

When we asked Jordan to write something about his experience as a Karma Yogi at Clear Sky, we didn’t know a poet lurked within. And yet if you know this gentle man, then perhaps you’re not surprised at all.

Since coming here, Jordan has been working on adjusting his posture.

Why? Well, he’s tall, and he tends to slouch. He’s not unique in this, of course. For him, the Teachers have pointed out that adjusting his posture would be a huge shift – the ‘big thing’ he’d do well to focus on right now.

So, Jordan’s been exploring how posture matters, both on the meditation cushion and off it.

Change your posture, change your state.

The Nature of Training

Because our conditioning runs deep, we need to have it pointed out to us. Multiple times. And we need to keep trying to see it ourselves, time and again.

It feels personal, even when it’s not. Even when it comes from a place of love and compassion.

That’s a little context for Jordan’s reflection below…

Pizza night, possibly. 

By Jordan Allain

As he sluffs back into his chair, arms crossed. A toothpick is swept to the other cheek.

 “You’re 80% to awakening by only remembering to align oneself.”

It was mentioned once that we could each only have a corner of the truth..

But I want the whole truth! Perhaps at the next dinner I’ll learn of another corner.

Pizza night, possibly.

My experience at Clear Sky has been both liberating and frustrating – At the same time!

Talk about Rubik’s Cube. I’ve never been so triggered and also in complete awe.

Living at Clear Sky, I wonder,

“Where, from some source or deep well a joy emerges, unwavered, and completely engulfs me.”

I often cry with the thought that I cannot stand up straight. There is some unseen obstacle and the pain overtakes me. I drown in sorrow and doubt. 

But then a friendly face suddenly appears!  

In a flash, (or rather with heels dug in) sorrow and doubt disappear. I remember…

Strength and courage appear, while I hear a reminder to put my shoulders back. 

I remember the question,

“What’s the other 20%?”

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