Temple Fund Raiser



Water Filtration System

We have amazing water at Clear Sky and yet the minerals are heavy. To protect and care for our systems and all beings using water in the temple, we will install a water filtration system, like we have done in all other buildings at Clear Sky Centre.


Electrical System

Bringing electricity to the temple will empower us to support retreat life and ceremony life in the temple.


Temple In-floor Heating

Heated floors in the temple support us to ground and let go deeper into our experiences with less layers.


Bathroom In-floor Heating

Stepping onto a heated floor during the winter months is good for the body and supports our water systems to not freeze.


Genkan Heating

Genkan is Japanese for entranceway. In winter having a heated area to house your footwear supports transitions in and out of the temple space.


Internet For Class Streaming

Online classes are not negotiable if we want to have the teachings be more accessible in today’s world. It’s such a gift to be able to share these kickass teachings internationally and to connect with our practice and community.


Septic System Temple

All buildings require a septic system to support the activities that take place in the temple. From the mud grows the lotus.


Septic System Bedroom Wing

To support retreatants we will require a septic system for the bedroom wing. Not as sexy as some other items, but undeniably fundamental!


Water System

We will require water in many different parts of the temple to support initiations, retreatants and general wellbeing.


Temple Water Well

Water is life! Cleansing, nourishing and alive. Your donation to the temple water well will bless many beings for centuries to come.


Building Foundation

Foundation Walls

Foundation work is key to our practice. We all know a strong foundation is what gives us the support and strength for breakthroughs to happen.


Interior Finishes

Temple Meditation Hall Hardwood Floor

A beautiful and uplifting floor for sitiing and walking meditations.


Meditation Hall Cedar Plank Ceiling


Meditation Hall Walls of Cedar Paneling

Cedar grows in Western B.C and is used a lot in Japan. This beautiful wood honours our roots in Japan and our centre here in Canada.


Meditation Garden Window


Bull Mountain Window

Nestled beneath Bull Mountain, you can appreciate the changing weather as you and others contemplate the changing states and experiences arising within the temple of your own being.


Temple Balcony Door

The door exists between the inner and outer temple.


Meditation Hall Sky Light

This uplifting centre piece connects our practice with our environment and brings us into union with the natural world. Let there be light!



Shrine Platform


Meditation Hall Lighting



Meditation Hall Garden Walking Veranda


Garden Pond


Garden Water Fall