Personal Coaching (Online)

  Are you ready to unfold? Given Covid-19 and the big life-changes many of us are experiencing, this is a perfect time to receive support in areas that may need deep care, or are holding us back. We can use this unique time to nurture what is seeking our attention or we might not have

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Money & Spirituality: Integrating Spiritual and Material (Online)

A six-week online course with Karen McAllister
April 3 – May 8, 2021

This course is about healing the split between money and spirituality and integrating our vision and your calling into your everyday work. Through this course, you will come to a place of peace, power and care in your heart in your relationship with money.

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Ignite Your Spiritual Life (Online)

90 minutes for 7 Saturdays
September 11 – October 23
This course will guide you in principles that help you have a consistent meditation practice, reframe negative thoughts and habits, and re-connect with what’s most important to you.

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