A Space for Inner and outer Growth

We are dedicated to creating a space where all are welcome to reconnect with nature and themselves. By offering meditation retreats in B.C., our mission is to empower you to transform struggle and embrace vitality. Welcome home. 

Clear Sky is located on the unceded territory of the Ktunaxa Nation.

We want to offer recognition and appreciation for those who stewarded the land on which we are guests. 

Photo Credit: Bat Fung

Conscious Awakening Community - Dedicated to Benefitting All Beings.

Founding Teachers Qapel Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei

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One Incredible Place. Many Ways to Connect.

Guided meditation retreat

This retreat centre is the REAL THING. It’s a modern monastery with people grounded in the present and practicing old and new methods of living in a spiritual community. This group walks the talk. I have made the trek from Ontario all the way to this remote corner of BC every year for the last 16 years to study with these teachers, interact with these fellow seekers, and bask in the beauty of this gorgeous property.


We Believe in Lifelong Growth and Development.

Discover your Path.

Personal Retreat Cabins Canada

I signed up for a retreat during a personal crisis and had just recently returned to my meditation practice. The staff immediately made me feel comfortable upon arrival and the cabins were an amazing part of the retreat experience.

I received excellent meditation guidance that definitely advanced my practice. The food was amazing as were the people associated with the Clear Sky Center. I look forward to my next course with them, my next retreat and possibly extended stay.


Silent retreats BC

I am just home from a 28 day silent retreat at Clear Sky. Wherever you go for rest and healing, may I say “go now”.

In retreat, I was able to finally grieve the death of a best friend. When I could not howl loud enough, the coyotes howled for me. I found my purpose for my remaining decades.

And not at all the least, the unhindered night sky was a canopy like I have not seen since the North. So go. And if you don’t already have a place, then lean into Clear Sky. They will take the best of care of you.


It's great to meet you.