Clear Sky isn't just a place

It’s the aspiration and the common purpose of a group of people. 

Simply put, we want to wake ourselves up and help others do the same.

Clear Sky Meditation Centre sanctuary

Many of Clear Sky’s founding members were expats, living in Japan, who came together to eagerly listen to the teachings by Achariya Doug Duncan.

Over ten years, our growing group held two or three silent meditation retreats a year. For each meditation retreat we had to search for a venue; and though we always found somewhere, this searching began to wear on us. While each venue we found had its merits, we continued to look for the right space, one with conditions truly conducive to awakening.

It became clear that to find the right container for this precious work we needed to create it for ourselves. In 2003, after viewing more than 30 properties across North America, we bought the land that became Clear Sky.

Creating a container for spiritual growth

Since 2005, Clear Sky has been growing and offering spiritual retreats and training for people with a heart for spiritual exploration who want to awaken more quickly and fully. These include our signature online course Integrating Mindfulness, and silent retreats from our founding teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat.

Over the past 15 years, some of Clear Sky’s founding members have become Canadian residents, yet many still live abroad. To stay connected with their students around the globe, Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat created Planet Dharma, a virtual monastery. Planet Dharma offers online courses, listings of their international retreats and several tools to create a supportive at-home practice. 

The name Clear Sky represents the mind of blissful, non-clinging awareness – the still, clear mind always present behind the ever-shifting clouds of everyday thoughts and emotions. This is the mind that pays attention to the right details and is alert, awake, conscious, and kind.

After all, isn’t this our birthright, what we all want?

Our Vision

We are creating a revolutionary center for awakening.


We empower you to transform struggle and embrace vitality.


We are creating a conscious center that is: 
  • Spiritually generative
  • Environmentally generative
  • Socially generative
  • Financially generative