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Clear Sky


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Welcome to Clear Sky

Clear Sky is a non-profit, charitable organization created to nurture universal teachings of awakening. Focusing on Buddhadharma and Western Mystical teachings, the center is dedicated to providing an environment for practice and study. Clear Sky serves to motivate and inspire students from around the world, now and for generations to come.

Our Vision


Our Mission

Clear Sky. A vehicle for integrating and manifesting spiritual realization.


Clear Sky is a center dedicated to transformative change for all beings, through an integrated, diverse path of exploration and discovery, encompassing all facets of life.

Individual Retreat Cabins

Opportunities to invest in your spiritual growth. Cabins for short-term and long-term retreat.

We now offer individuals the supporting conditions for long or short-term meditation retreats. Place yourself in a peaceful and self-contained space, while still remaining in close proximity to the main house for classes or interviews with the teacher. Contact Michelle or click here to find out more.

A big heartfelt thanks to the karma yoga team who worked hard at getting the cabins ready for our CBEEN group booking in September 2012. We invite you to enjoy the video created by one of our karma yogis Will Moores, recording the beginning to the end of construction.