Self-Paced Online Courses

Buddhist Women in the 2020s

While there may be frustration, grief and rage about historical gender inequity in Buddhism, we can use Buddhist methodologies to transform these conflicting emotions into greater compassion and wisdom.

Join Catherine Pawasarat Sensei for “Buddhist Women in the 2020s.”  In this online course she shares ways we can adapt and shift our traditional perceptions of gender as Buddhist practitioners.

Awakening Through Astrology

Our natal chart is sometimes called our ‘Soul Map’ for this lifetime: This online course helps you better understand the fundamentals of Transpersonal Astrology as a tool for awakening.

Developed by Catherine Pawasarat Sensei, this course is a powerful method to help you to understand your natal astrology chart and your unique Hero’s Journey depicted therein.

Wake Up:
Four Paths to Spiritual Awakening

This is a course for those searching for deeper insights and meaning in our world.

Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei distill a life-changing practice into four core paths that you can apply to your home, work and relationships. Wake Up beckons to those looking for a path to spiritual awakening in the modern world. 

Integrating Mindfulness:
Self-Study Course

>Coming Soon!

Visit our main Integrating Mindfulness page to learn more about this and our live signature courses.