Tantric Deep Dive: A Week of Empowerments

Book now and get 10% off listed prices. Offer valid until Mar 24, 2020. In Vajrayana Buddhism, initiations, empowerments or wongkur (Tib. དབང་, wang) are considered the spring from which all blessings flow. Join us for a week of twelve initiations, followed by a weekend of joy to celebrate our 15th anniversary.   A week

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15th Anniversary Weekend Celebration

Book now and get 10% off listed prices. Offer valid until Mar 31, 2020. 2020 beckons us to look both forward and backwards as we honour Doug Sensei’s 70th year and Clear Sky’s 15th Anniversary. Join us in celebrating incredible Teachers, Teachings and community – and – in turning our eyes to our next 500

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Mastering the Sixteen Stages of Insight

This retreat is for mastering the sixteen stages of insight through the practice of the foundations of mindfulness (Satipatthana sutta). Mastering the Sixteen Stages of Insight Through the Practice of the Foundations of Mindfulness Find out for yourself why meditation is one of the four foundational practices of our teaching. Take advantage of Acariya Doug Duncan Sensei’s mastery

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Sixteen Buddha Body Practice (Meditation Retreat)

Book now and get 10% off listed prices. Offer valid until Oct 4, 2020.   Explore the dimensions of inner space. This meditation retreat offers a rare opportunity to engage with the 16 Buddha Body Practice Sixteen Buddha Body Practice Getting tired of the routine of daily life? Journey to new lands of the mind.

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