If you’re reading this page, you’re likely a spiritual seeker who cares about others and wants to make the world a better place. You’ve probably regularly given time and money to the many good causes out there. And there are so, so many!

When you’re inundated with requests for help and donations, it can feel overwhelming and hopeless. Your open heart may start to tighten, and your mind may say “Enough! I can’t give any more!” You wonder if your next contribution will be just another drop in a bottomless bucket.

So how, then, do we navigate this onslaught? And why bother?

Teachers from many, if not all, spiritual traditions repeat this message:

Conscious giving is the essence of the spiritual path. Generosity is one of the best antidotes to suffering – the suffering of others, and also our own.

So why is that?

1) Giving opens us up – it opens our hearts to others to receive and to learn, to see beyond our own frightened ego. This creates space, and within that space the seeds of awakening can grow. That’s what spiritual seekers yearn for.
2) Giving challenges our scarcity mentality – that deep, learned fear that there is not enough to go round, that we must hold on tight to what little we have. Spiritual seekers are able to see that there is more to life than accumulating stuff!

And that brings us to a third point, that

3) giving allows us to ease up on the “clinging” impulse. We can learn to let go with conscious awareness, rather than impulsively holding on. Spiritual seekers know that conscious generosity is the key to a better world for all.

Generosity, then, is the essence of the spiritual path that we are choosing to walk. And we want to give as effectively as possible – the most ‘bang for our buck’, as it were. Here at Clear Sky, our aim is to provide a space for as many people as possible to awaken as quickly as possible; to eliminate negativity and ignorance, and to produce happiness and illumination, for the benefit of all.

By supporting Clear Sky, your generosity supports your own awakening as well the the awakening of others, for years – perhaps generations – to come. That’s how we build a better world, and that’s a cause worth giving to.

Here are some of the ways you can support Clear Sky, a wise investment in the flourishing of Dharma and the future of our planet, as well as your own spiritual unfoldment.

May it benefit all beings!

Monthly Giving

Clear Sky Charitable Monthly Donor

Join our SEEDS for Tomorrow program, a reliable revenue stream that we can depend on when planning for the center: Become a Monthly Donor

One-Time Gifts Online

Online Giving

Online Giving – it’s simple and convenient. Make a secure online donation today and receive an instant e-tax receipt: Make an Online Gift now.

One-Time Gifts by Mail

One time donation

Please send your cheque made payable to Clear Sky Meditation and Study Foundation at 3567 Cockell Road, Fort Steele, BC, V0B 1N0.

Bequests and Legacies

Bequests Legacies

Clear Sky welcomes legacy gifts, a simple and powerful way to ensure our work carries on for future generations.

Please contact us through the website for a copy of our free brochure.