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Creating Supportive Structures for Resilience & Growth (Free Webinar)

Free Webinar with Associate Teachers Karen McAllister & Duncan Cryle
Explore how to let go and shift unhelpful patterns and habits, to create new supportive structures in your life, and better align your time with the values, community connection and contribution you aspire too.

The Five Stages of Emptiness Meditation Retreat (In-Person or Online)

Meditation Retreat with Founding Teachers, Qapel Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei.
Are you ready to deepen your meditation practice? Perhaps you’ve heard of ’emptiness’ or shunyata, but would like more experiential contact with it. In this retreat, we will study how we construct reality from false views and learn how to penetrate through this illusion into greater clarity, freedom and joy.

Integrating Mindfulness: Tools for Holistic Living (In-Person or Online)

Online course with Karen McAllister & Duncan Cryle.

Cultivate a supportive container for personal sustainability so that you can live the change you wish to see. Integrating Mindfulness helps you create a container that supports you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Breathing Meditation Retreat

Meditation Retreat with Founding Teacher, Catherine Pawasarat Sensei
This ten day meditation retreat covers a fundamental practice in dharma – awareness of the breath. Through this practice we also develop mindfulness of the body, feelings, mind states and contents of mind. Highly recommended for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

Razor’s Edge: The Dance of Absolute & Relative Truths (In-Person and Online)

Weekend Retreat with Founding Teacher, Qapel Doug Duncan
The Razor’s edge is the line between wisdom and ignorance. A paradoxical, joyous, and pristinely aware place, the edge of which is finer than most realize. This weekend course is an opportunity to study with meditation master and Namgyal lineage teacher Qapel (Achariya Doug Duncan).

Interdependent Origination: Paṭiccasamuppāda (In-Person and Online)

Weekend retreat with Founding Teacher Catherine Pawasarat Sensei.
Everything depends on everything else. Ecosystem is pure and simple, the way things are. Would you like to look closer at the nature of our mind-body continuum? This weekend course is an opportunity to study with meditation master and Namgyal lineage teacher Sensei (Catherine Pawasarat).