Wishing you a wonderful 2018

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As we draw near the end of the year

we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you the very best for 2018.

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If you’re a spiritual explorer looking forward to 2018

and you want to bring your daily life more into line with your spiritual life, we think you’ll very much enjoy what we’ve got lined up. Next year, you’ll get a second chance to join our online course in early spring, and you’ll see new and useful content from us that focused on making your life into a strong container for your practice.

Are you ready for a deeper dive with our founding teachers? Then choose from one of the retreats we’re hosting for them or check out their online program for the year. One thing we’re all looking forward to is their new webinar series on Dharma in Film starting in January. Equally exciting is the live residential course on Astrology and Dharma, Awakening Through Astrodharma in early July, on the beautiful BC coast.

See you in 2018?

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Wishing you also much awareness, wisdom, compassion, strength, abundance, joy, and humor.

The Clear Sky team.

BC, Canada

P.S. Did you know we’ve refined our Practice and Integrate personal retreat package? It has a balanced schedule of mindful activity and formal practice time. Isn’t that perfect for your first time in retreat or for learning to integrate formal practice into your daily life? Think about booking some time in a cabin soon.

{Adapted from our year-end newsletter, Dec 2017}

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