Extremes – a reflection

Extremes – a Reflection

Where there’s fear of some kind, we tend to hide behind an extreme position.

Yet, somehow, it’s the opposing views we hear that seem too black and white.

Scarier still is that mucky middle ground, where things seem way too open-ended.
We avoid accepting anything there, hiding our “No!” behind “Maybes”, or “I supposes”.

And what do we do, when our extreme view is challenged?
Do we face our fear – or seek out the ease of the nearest extreme?

I’m the quiet one – When I start speaking, how soon do I think, “‘I’m saying too much!” ?
I’m always the talker – Asked to give more space to others, will I hear, “Shut up?

I’m always in charge – If I step back for you, do I see everything you’re doing wrong?
I like to take things slow – When told to hurry, can I resist the urge to go… even… slower..?

Where we’re uncomfortable, we seek a sense of control.
An extreme seems to offer us a simple, safe place to live.

Early on, we form our views – part of the necessary process of growing a “me”.
But also making ourselves a prison cell when we swallow the key.

So, can we open the prison doors? Can we stand in through our imaginary fears?
Can we abandon the uncomfortable comfort of our favorite extremes?

Andy Rogers

Does this resonate? Please comment below if you’ve noticed places where you bounce between extremes. Why do you do that?

4 thoughts on “Extremes – a reflection

  1. Dear Andy, It seems that we do react and extremely so–especially when threatened, as the reflection points out, or when overwhelm settles in. This reflection resonates with me because the many extremes humans interact with daily are poignant to me. Data extremes; the easy, so it seems, extreme use of language on social media; the panic-like-feeling of all the input sometimes, I believe, gets an extreme reaction. It may make one question, How do “I” fit into all of this? Taking a step back and allowing in rather than reaching for another extreme can allow me to stream and go along with things and think through my reactions rather than be extreme. May all beings be well and happy.

  2. Thank you Andy for sharing your poem. It is beautiful and profound. I have read it numerous times and it has been a useful reflection tool for me, resulting in moving into the mucky middle ground 🙂 – much appreciated.

  3. Thanks Dan – yes, it’s very relevant for today’s social media. Others have said how topical the poem is, and that wasn’t necessarily my intention.

  4. Thanks for your feedback! Yes, the middle ground can be mucky and uncomfortable!

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