Administrative and Multimedia Intern

Administrative and Multimedia Intern

Karma Yoga – Service Stay Opportunity:

Administrative and Multimedia Intern

This position is intended for an individual with administrative and IT/media skills and a desire to learn in and from a spiritual community.

In exchange for their time, energy and experience, the Administrative and Multimedia Intern will enjoy the benefits of participating in Clear Sky’s vibrant awakening community through its Karma Yoga Program. Karma Yoga translates to “the path of service” or “awakening in action.” This program includes regular meditation instruction & practice, guidance on how to live and interact with others in a conscious community, life skills development, food & accommodation, and much more.

Benefits include greater self-awareness, compassion, insight, calm, improved interpersonal skills, self-empowerment, and an enhanced sense of one’s own self-worth. At Clear Sky Retreat Center, you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in our awakening community and all it has to offer.

Karma Yoga is an essential part of community life at Clear Sky. Our 310-acre center is founded on a quadruple bottom line, guided by spiritual, fiscal, environmental and social regeneration. The center runs meditation retreats, courses and events year round with committed Karma Yogis, including our onsite management team.

Reporting to Clear Sky’s two founders and spiritual teachers, the successful applicant is responsible for providing administrative, IT, social media and multimedia support at Clear Sky.

We are seeking an organized individual who can be responsible for the accurate and timely completion of a variety of technical and administrative tasks, which may include a combination of:

  • Assisting with the coordination of teachings (includes audiovisual technology setup and operation)
  • Various administrative tasks, including: database creation/ organization/ management, scanning, filing, and systems creation and maintenance
  • Researching and troubleshooting issues with Mac OS computers & other matters related to internet connectivity in a rural environment
  • Social media, and website-related support
  • Video and sound recording and editing
  • Conducting research and/or review administrative processes in order to improve upon the products, services and support provided
  • The ability to adapt to whatever arises, with flexible preferences and expectations.


  • Open-mindedness, and a desire to further open one’s mind and heart
  • Interest in spiritual unfoldment through various practices, including meditation and Karma Yoga
  • Sincere interest in participating in a spiritual community, meaning a true desire to learn and practice meditative techniques and a willingness and ability to engage with others.
  • Appreciative attitude that living & working with people dedicated to awakening in this lifetime is a rare and precious opportunity
  • Pro-active attitude and willingness to learn
  • Pro-active communication skills for reporting, cooperation, and instruction, plus inquiry
  • Flexibility, ability to prioritize and adjust plans easily
  • Ability to multi-task, and coordinate day-to-day tasks
  • Mac computer skills
  • Familiarity with IT and/or ability to research and troubleshoot as needed
  • Experience and expertise with social media marketing and promotion
  • Project management skills
  • Time management skills
  • Organizational skills (regarding records, events, people)

This is not simply a volunteer opportunity or about fulfilling a job description. Karma Yoga is not all about what you do, but rather how you engage with others to produce an outcome that’s greater than yourself! This is a challenging and rewarding opportunity that may feel tough at times, but will greatly expand your ideas of what you’re capable of.

How to Apply:

We invite eligible candidates to join us for a three-month commitment with a one-month trial period. Please read the page on our website entitled “Is Karma Yoga For You?” before applying. We offer a supportive and challenging workplace where communication and personal growth are highly valued. As mentioned above, interest and participation in mindfulness and awakening in community are essential. No religious affiliation or meditation experience is required.  Come join us, learn how to engage, enliven and grow yourself and those around you! Please email resume and cover letter to [email protected].

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