Year-End Retreat 2017

Tis’ the season to slow down, reflect, and enjoy the benefits of focused meditation time!

Enjoy a balance of mindful activity and formal practice time

Starting December 27th for minimum 3 nights at $420 CAD in single accommodation, including taxes and all meals.

It’s the holiday season again. Family socializing, lots of food and drink – or, for some of us, pangs of loneliness.

The time after Christmas and into the New Year is the perfect time to do a meditation retreat. With a supportive structure that helps you use this precious time well, our holiday season retreat package may be just what you’re looking for.

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“I realized that I was lacking a spiritual family in my life, and put that request out to the universe. When I got the opportunity to spend time at Clear Sky, I realized my request was answered.”
– Michele Cherot, regular Clear Sky retreatant

The last days of 2017 – making the best of them

Perhaps you want to strengthen or re-establish your meditation practice. Maybe you’re in transition, and need some time to slow down and literally take a breath?

Many of us can struggle at this time of year. For some it can be a time of over-indulgence, and others a time of great loneliness or grief. We can easily lose the structure we have through the rest of the year. Happy times with families and friends, for example, can end up in overeating, over-drinking, or conversations that drain our energy. Or, it can be just about “getting through” to January, avoiding the festivities because of the loneliness or hurt we associate with this time.

Either way, we can start the new year in January feeling kind of empty and drained.

If you’re someone who struggles around this time, then maybe you’ve tried good, healthy alternatives – like travelling, or stocking up on good books, or making sure you get exercise and time outside. Maybe you’ve even tried to dedicate some time to meditation and reflection. Yet because our lives are wired to distraction, it can be difficult to fully unplug and sit quietly with ourselves.

Package price starting at 3 nights from December 27th for $420 CAD, with the option to add more nights on booking. Some private cabins available, and other private accommodation. This retreat is based on our Practice and Integrate individual retreat package, and includes three hours per day of *Karma Yoga (mindful service).

Finding a touchstone and a support structure

In our distracted busy world, what we really need is a touchstone to quieten down and reconnect with ourselves, our lives, and the world around us in a deeper way. What’s often missing is a sacred space where we can honor what it means to celebrate endings and new beginnings, with conscious awareness and intention.

We need a container where we can unwind and allow ourselves to recover and re-calibrate to focus on looking at making small but significant changes to your life in 2018.

A supportive container  – a silent retreat, but you’re not alone

Clear Sky has been offering a pristine and supportive space for retreats in the beautiful BC Rockies for over 12 years. We’ve learnt what makes a container to support and nourish you, and to aid you to truly refresh and go deeper. We offer:

  • A beautiful location, facilities designed for meditation practice, and nourishing food.
  • A supportive structure blending personal meditation/reflection time with mindful activity
  • The focus of a working monastery – the whole vibe of the center supports you, and our staff and members are working in the background to give you the most successful retreat you can have.
  • Three nutritious meals served to you in a separate retreatants eating room.

A personal retreat truly refreshes you

  • Space to recover and get your energy back
  • You will come back to work full with a sense of calm and focus.
  • By taking time out to be in a space that is nourishing can free up blocks and create energy to propel you back into life with renewed zest

Reclaim your holiday season

Why not re-claim the holiday season to put your principles in order, recharge and come back with a sense of calm and focus? We invite you to take up this part of your hero’s journey to nourish yourself to start 2018 with clarity and better able to make your difference in the world. This year choose and honor your wish to refresh, reconnect and re-calibrate, retreat with us at Clear Sky this year.


The daily schedule will include personal practice time, three hours of Karma Yoga* mindful activity, and three meals served to you in a separate eating area.

This program is the same as our Practice and Integrate Personal Retreat Package.

Package price for 3 nights from December 27th is $420 CAD in single accommodation, and the option to add more nights when booking.