Intermediate Personal Meditation Retreats

Practice & Integrate

For those looking to unplug the phone and plug into themselves

Our personal meditation retreats are intended for those who already have or are trying to re-establish a regular meditation practice. 

We offer structural supports for newer meditators with the flexibility to accommodate your individual practice. 

Stay from three nights to three months. 

COVID-19 Update

In keeping with our Mission and Values, your health and wellness is our top priority. After thoughtful assessment, we are open for solitary retreats. 

To participate in a retreat, you must follow the Province of British Columbia’s Social Interaction Guidelines for at least two weeks prior to your retreat.

If you have any questions about our policy, please contact Michelle, our incredible Sales Manager: [email protected]

Meditate in the B.C. Rockies. This meditation retreat package helps you create a retreat that meets you where you’re at.

We provide books and materials to create a supportive retreat. This package includes daily check-ins with an experienced guide, three hours of mindful activity (Karma Yoga), and optional group meditations.

Some may want to meditate as much as possible. Others may wish to include reading, journaling, and walking with their practice.

Choose this package if you:

What if I’m brand new to meditating?

We love that you’re discovering the benefits of meditation. To best serve you, we require that all participants are comfortable meditating for at least 30 minutes regularly, with minimal support.

If you’ve never meditated before or are just beginning, you may not be ready for a cabin retreat with us. Although there’s a daily check-in, these retreats are in solitude. This can be unsettling for those who haven’t experienced silence and isolation for extended periods of time.

We suggest connecting with local groups near you or taking one of our online courses to help prepare for a personal cabin retreat. Click to connect with our local groups, learn more about our online classes, or follow some of our guided meditations.

What to Expect

  • A one-on-one orientation upon arrival, a daily check-in with an experienced guide, and an exit-interview.
  • Space to unplug: our cabins do not have electricity or plumbing. Cabins are equipped with lanterns, wood stoves, and propane heaters. Bathrooms, laundry, and electricity are in close proximity to cabins. 
  • Local, organic, omnivore meals, mindfully prepared by meditators. We adjust for dietary needs upon request.   
  • To facilitate a deeper retreat, prepare to enjoy mindful silence. This includes eating alone or in silence with other meditators.  
  • To facilitate transition in and out of retreat, your first and last meal will be with our founding teachers and residents. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions and get to know the team.
  • Optional group meditations daily.
  • Going from busy daily life into silence can be jarring. Our participants repeatedly tell us how their mindful activity sessions helped them stay grounded during that transition. This is why we include three hours per day of mindful activity (Karma Yoga) in this package. Learn more here
  • Orient yourself with the schedule for arrival, departure, and daily practice.
  • See what to bring, travel, and accommodation information here.  



“Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.”

– Zen proverb

As busy Westerners, many of us are used to “doing” and simply doing nothing can be challenging. 

Karma Yoga is the practice of bridging mindful awareness with your actions.

It is central to our practice at Clear Sky because we believe that bringing mindful awareness into our activities makes us more more clear, compassionate and effective at work, at home and in our relationships. And from there we can change the world!

During your retreat, you will be given simple tasks. Your practice is to bring awareness to the feelings, sensations and thoughts that arise while doing the task. This will help you apply mindful awareness in your daily life after the retreat. 

Your mindful Karma Yoga may include

  • General maintenance on the property (for example, chopping firewood or shoveling snow in the fall and winter)
  • Gardening, weeding, and harvesting in our garden or food forest (spring & summer)
  • Cleaning of cabins and common areas
  • Administrative tasks (for example, filing, or laminating documents)

Mentoring is when an experienced meditator meets with you on a set schedule each day, and may include:
– guidance on techniques and tools
– information on wisdom traditions and teachings
– direction to books from the Clear Sky library
– questions and answers

The Guide
– provides a supportive container to you in your practice, as someone with years of experience who has been there too
– is a practicing awakening being (a practicing meditator)
– is trainer and teacher of buddhadharma, wisdom traditions, Clear Sky’s five principles, conscious living, shadow work, and Karma Yoga

The mentoring is given freely by a Clear Sky resident or senior student, and follows the practice of dana which may be paid on registration or when onsite.

We’re in the East Kootenays B.C., Canada, an hour from the US border and four hours from Calgary by car. The nearest town is Cranbrook, and we are 40 minutes from the Canadian Rockies International Airport. Click here to see a map of our location.

We specialize in providing retreat space for people who have, or are trying to re-establish a regular meditation practice. As a guideline, we ask that you are used to sitting for 30 minutes or longer for several periods a day