Ignite Your Spiritual Life Testimonials

rita - 5 Principles Testimonial
With this course we learned how to strengthen our practice taking care of our meditation space, creating wholesome habits, exchanging and strengthening the practice with the support of the Sangha and so on. The outside is not separated from the inside. That is why taking care of the outside with attention, generosity and joy, we meet the clarity within us.

Rita Chirata, 5 Principles Course, Brazil 2017

Luana - 5 Principles testimonial
When I was making my list of aspirations and plans for 2017, I realized that I was structuring it from the five principles learned in the course “Outer Clarity.” The learnings served as a good medicine for doubts about how to lead transformations I want in my life.

All the principles have reinforced for me that it is necessary to water the outside garden very carefully, with attention and presence, so that the flowers of compassion and love can flourish inside and in my relations. Thank you, dear Karen, Duncan, and Sangha.

Luana Messena, 5 Principles Course, Brazil 2017

Lemuel - testimonial
The course had a big impact on me. It not only helped me to organize my life in different aspects, like the respect towards my personal living spaces or the way I relate to others and with time, I also understood the power meditation can have in my life and how it can contribute to making more assertive choices.

I had a very strong empowering sensation of conscience expansion and  learned how to better deal with my emotions, specially my anxiety, throughout the meditation on spaciousness. Now, I understand I am a better person and for that I’m very grateful.

Lemuel Simis, 5 Principles Course, Brazil 2017

My environment has changed, the way I organize my activities, my communication and trust in others ... Applying those principles can hold love and clarity for even big groups, creating a genuine awakening field."

Emmanuel Ponte - Five Principles Course, Brazil 2017

I highly recommend the Ignite Your Spiritual Life online course. It is a great introduction for people exploring the Dharma path, but it's valuable in daily life too! The course is also a great refresher for experienced practitioners, which helps strengthens your spiritual practice and allows you to connect with the community.

Jenai Lieu, Program Coordinator, Spring 2018

I think this course is a beautiful, utterly grounded and relevant way of making the spiritual life very real and integrated with how we are living every day of our lives. I also think that this course lays an important foundation for a meditation practice that can actually go somewhere as well as allowing a practice that may already be strong to better feed the other parts of our lives for a really well-rounded and truly fulfilling life.

Ruth Levin - Movement Educator & Solopreneur - Spring 2018

It's really, really brought me back home to myself... I found myself in the past very scattered and would put off all the important things, the spiritual aspects of life, the mindfulness and so on, just to blast through my day and get things done, but now I am really taking pause. I still don't get everything done, but I don't get everything done in a much more calm way, haha, in a much more soulful way... So for me that was probably the most important takeaway from the six week program is just you can't let those things slide no matter what because when you do, you're giving up little bits of your soul and then you've really lost. ..That for me was wonderful to come back to.

Morgana from Victoria, Spring 2018

Thank you! I really felt both Karen and Duncan were so caring and sincere.

Participant, Spring 2018

Toward the end, I realized that the principles give you a format to bring Dharma into - which reassures you that they are deeper than just the surface.

Gretta, Mental Health Therapist, Spring 2018

The presenters were very good ... I think these principles are relevant not just for a spiritual practice but life as a whole.

Course Participant, Spring 2017

To have a weekly course like that it created space for me to reflect in a different way and to pause in a different way to focus on some of these questions.
And [the principles] are so basic, they're so important and that's why they're profound..[your course gave me] a feeling of more alignment with my path.

Meg O Leary, Spring 2018

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Participant, Spring 2018

I am so impressed and happy with Karen and Duncan. You have done a fabulous job with this course, and have provided a role model example of working together. I loved hearing your real life stories, things that you have struggled with in life- this added another level of reality to it that was applicable to my reality too. 

Course Participant, Spring 2017

I found the course filled with a lot of practical information. I would recommend it to anybody interested in improving their spiritual practice. Thanks Karen and Duncan!

Course Participant, Spring 2018

Karen's guided meditations were lovely; they provided new ways to meditate and increase space-awareness- on the relevant issues. I'd like to go back and review them all so I can do them again. In fact, I'd be happy to review the whole course week by week, just from the recordings.

Course Participant, Spring 2017

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