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The thing is, we see some of our unconscious behaviors as our strengths. And that’s OK.

If the key is awareness or mindfulness, though, how conscious is your behavior in the midst of that strength?

– What do you lose by doing this too often? Habit is the opposite of mindfulness.

– What are you missing out on when you’re being super mindful of one thing?

– Is there a shadow aspect going on, something you’d rather not see or feel, that makes you comfortable here?

The insights we’re looking for

There might be a golden insight right there – even in the midst of what we consider a strength – if only we see the habit for what it is. The best thing is, we don’t have to give up our strength to see through it. And yet we only get to mine the gold and find out the answer to these questions when we:

1) name what’s happening

2) investigate in some way

That’s what our free PDF is for – to help us name those moments when we’re stuck in an unconscious habit, pattern, or way of being. Then, to consciously explore new ways of being that might work better for us, and those around us.

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Make a choice to bring mindfulness and awareness more fully into your daily life.

As a group of meditators who set up their own retreat center, we’ve learned that we have a tendency to focus inwards. We orient towards meditation, personal insights, contemplation and perhaps a tendency to view other people as a disturbance to all of that.

What we’ve learned through working together, however, is that meditations and mantras mostly focus us back into our inner world. Don’t get us wrong, here. Meditation is good, we do it every day. We can get concentrated, enjoy good states, and feel compassion.

Yet, it’s the outer focus that we needed to get back into balance. We learn this outer balance in part by running a retreat center and working together consciously, and with the guidance of teachers. And then we learn to apply it to every part of our lives.

In this way, we are learning better how to relate to ourselves and the world. We’ve also seen how much our inner states are dependent on our outer behavior and awareness, and vice versa. In other words, the spiritual journey is not just about how well we focus in retreat, or on the meditation cushion – or even in a yoga session, or on our favorite sport or artistic pursuit that gets us into the zone.

Insights come when we try to become more than we are, and that requires a balance of inner and outer awareness.

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Clear Sky specializes in creating the container for this exploration and discovery on the inner and outer planes. We developed Five Principles that we think capture the lessons we’ve learned on our journey together.

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