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“Participating in the Integrating Mindfulness course has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. It has helped me cultivate greater awareness and compassion and provided me with practical tools for managing stress and anxiety. I am deeply grateful for the Clear Sky community and support provided by the course.” – Artin

Finding a refuge in the struggles and distractions of our lives is essential for healthy balance and spiritual growth.

We all get into funks from time to time, or hit moments of anxiety or despair. What holds us when the s@#t hits the fan? Do you have in your life somewhere you can truly take refuge? And if not, how can you access one, or create one?

Central to a supportive container is cultivating healthy structures, routines and boundaries.  These help you live in line with your vision and values.

Join us for a free introductory webinar to explore how to let go and shift unhelpful patterns and habits, to create new supportive structures in your life, and better align your time with the values, community connection and contribution you aspire too.

Note: Recording will be emailed after the class. 


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1.5 Hours


March 7th, 2024

5-6:30pm UK time / 10-11:30am MST




Creating the Container for Spiritual Growth

Supportive structures and routines increase your well-being, spiritual growth, and resilience.  They help you integrate the healing power of awareness into your daily life, and build a regular meditation practice. They build positive conditions to support your clarity, kindness, and wisdom.

With so many struggles and distractions pulling at our attention, we need well-defined and consciously chosen boundaries in order to truly thrive.

Using Clear Sky Center’s Five Principles of a Mindful Container, learn how to explore how to manage your time and energy, develop supportive rituals, and craft healthy boundaries in your life. 

Join us for free introductory webinar to explore how to creating supportive structures in your life, and better align your time with the values, community connection and contribution you aspire too.

This webinar is also an opportunity to find out more about our foundational course, Integrating Mindfulness.

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Cara Conroy Lau - Clear Sky Meditation Centre Canada

This workshop is based on Clear Sky’s Five Principles of a Supportive Container. 

You can learn more about our Five Principles here and get our free pdf overview by clicking the link below.

I am doing a lot of other courses. They are all good—this one is special. Integrating Mindfulness provides a good foundation to support any other studies. People who express feeling unhappy, overwhelmed, lacking connection, would find an ideal fit here. Now, I am committed to being aware of my boundaries, and doing what it takes to maintain them, including clear communication to others. I’m going to continue working on my spiritual container and structure. I plan to come to Clear Sky for more!

There are big areas of my life I needed to look at that I didn't know I needed to. I am more aware of them now, and have perspective on how to bring daily mindfulness to them. Now I have a technique to structure my life and prioritize the things I actually want to do, and a dialogue technique that is helping in my relationships. Integrating Mindfulness allows you to think about issues in a different way (such as money!). Insightful and nourishing.

Before Integrating Mindfulness, I had been struggling with consistent meditation practice. Now I have a dedicated space for my practice. I am solidifying my need for community. And I am reassessing myself and my blocks and shadows.

What is really important, what is not? I've been running round in circles and always end up the same: no direction, but stress! In Integrating Mindfulness, I realized things that aren't my highest priorities have been taking up a lot of time and money, and I was missing a daily, intentional structure. With these teachers, you'll get clarity about what you do, why you do it, and how you can change to something better.

Meet the Teachers

Karen McAllister Co-Creator & Teacher - Clear Sky Center

Karen McAllister

As Clear Sky’s Chair of the Board and Director of Business Development, I’m passionate about teaching the much-ignored principles of nurturing the factors – like honor your space, structure, and communication – that create the conditions we need to wake up more in daily life. I see how I learned and embodied these principles in my different roles at Clear Sky as the center went from self-starter to second-stage growth. This is what I call “the hands-on way of doing an MBA with a spiritual bottom line!”

In my free time, I love travelling, speaking Portuguese and reading history, architecture and art books.

Duncan Cryle

Through 30+ years of personal practice and 15+ teaching meditation and mindfulness, alongside an active career working all over the world, I’ve learnt a lot about an integrating mindfulness into daily life.  As a founding member of Clear Sky in 2004, I’m amazed at the power of a beautiful, natural and dedicated space for supporting people to deepen their meditation and feel more connected.  Alongside. my Clear Sky work, I hold a director position at a large software company where I also run a volunteer global mindfulness program to 1000s employees.  I was formerly one of the pioneers of IBM’s mindfulness movement.  I’m passionate about how mindfulness-based approaches can transform how we live and work together, and be of better service in the world.

Clear Sky Meditation Centre - Duncan Cryle

What Previous Students Are Saying

"I think this course is a beautiful, utterly grounded and relevant way of making the spiritual life very real and integrated with how we are living every day of our lives. It lays an important foundation for a meditation practice that can actually go somewhere and lead to a well-rounded and truly fulfilling life."

"It's really, really brought me back home to myself. I found myself in the past very scattered and would put off all the important things, the spiritual aspects of life, the mindfulness and so on, just to blast through my day and get things done, but now I am really taking pause. I still don't get everything done, but I don't get everything done in a much more calm and soulful way."