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Money & Spirituality (Online)

February 27, 2021 @ 10:00 am - April 3, 2021 @ 11:00 am UTC-6

A Six-week Online Course with Karen McAllister
Saturdays at 10:00am MT

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You might be someone whose spiritual life has always been an important part of who you are, and yet, perhaps you’ve never quite “made it” in terms of feeling secure financially. 

Many people have challenges, anxieties and fears around money. Globally, many cultures have moved from God to capitalism. And as a result, we all carry challenges around money, whether we’re aware of it or not. 

These patterns can often be ignored or pushed away for people with a spiritual inclination. And this lack of integration between one’s spiritual and material life can often cause unnecessary suffering and a lessened effectiveness in being of service to the world.

This course will help you integrate these two parts and give you the opportunity of putting your relationship with money in its rightful place, to be a tool for your skills talents and abilities, to reduce suffering in the world. 

Be part of the solution of healing our relationship to extraction and greed by embracing money as a tool for our human potential.

This course gives you the opportunity to: 

– get really clear about the narratives around money that you learned from childhood and your culture, be it wholesome or unwholesome.

– use your meditation practice to gain access to the unconscious views you don’t know you are carrying around in relation to resources.

– be witnessed by others on the spiritual path and receive compassion and loving kindness from them.

– allow yourself to show up in those areas where shame, guilt, and feeling wrong have been locked down in your head and heart for years around this topic. 

-allow yourself to have other spiritual explorers be part of healing the shadow of your relationship with money.

-make financial decisions and create a financial plan from a place of clarity.

Usually, after this work together, one may feel a deeper intimacy with the people in this small group than your people you are close to, revealing and healing the deeper parts of a disintegrated pysche.

Course Details

Who This Course is For:

Spiritual practitioners who have unexamined aspects in their relationship with money. Perhaps you focus on doing good in the world at the expense of taking care of their material needs, or you experience reoccurring fears and anxieties around money, or perhaps you’ve outsourced the financial management to a partner, book keeper in your organization, or an accountant. The outsourcing can take shape in many forms.


What Can I Expect?

  • The start of a financial well being plan.
  • Financial literacy, financial consciousness and creativity. 
  • A more solid financial decision making process.
  • The start or a deepening of stepping into your power. 
  • Integration of the money shadow into your life. 
  • The beginnings of a  SMART financial plan with your livelihood and spiritual life. 
  • A community learning to live in enoughness and generativity.  
  • The ability to discern an unwholesome money view from a wholesome money view. 
  • The disentangle of your money tangle is well on its way to unravelling.
A money coaching circle will continue after this course to allow you to follow through on your financial well being plan.

Meet your Teacher

Karen McAllister

As Clear Sky’s Chair of the Board and Director of Business Development, I’m passionate about teaching the much-ignored principles of nurturing the factors – like honor your space, structure, and communication – that create the conditions we need to wake up more in daily life. I see how I learned and embodied these principles in my different roles at Clear Sky, as the centre went from self-starter to second-stage growth. This is what I call “the hands-on way of doing an MBA with a spiritual bottom line!”

In my free time, I love travelling, speaking Portuguese and reading history, architecture, and art books.

Course Details

  • Location: Online (Zoom)
  • Dates: February 27-April 3, 2021
  • Time: 10:00am MT
  • Dana: $450CAD – $1800CAD recommended range.
  • Please chat with us if you have concerns about the cost. Part of taking the money out of the shadow is stepping forward and having a pricing conversation with us.
This course is Dana based. We understand that your income might be effected due to COVID either negatively or positively. We do not want to turn anyone anyway, and we are always looking for ways to help you cultivate your generosity practise. Because of this, we are giving you the opportunity to give the lower rate if you are earning less currently, or we encourage to give the higher rate if your business is actually more profitable due to COVID. Many people feel guilty because they are doing well. We encourage you to think about paying it forward.

There is also an opportunity to give to the scholarship fund. 


February 27, 2021 @ 10:00 am UTC-6
April 3, 2021 @ 11:00 am UTC-6
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