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A Six-week Online Course with Karen McAllister
April 3 – May 8, 2021

Saturdays at 10:00am MT

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This course is about healing the split between money and spirituality and integrating your vision and calling into your everyday work. Through this course, you will come to a place of peace, power, and care in your heart in your relationship with money.

It is about integrating the spiritual with the material, or the material with the spiritual, depending on where your journey begins.

What this means for you

Working with your relationship with money is more than just seeing your patterns and recurring behaviours around it.

Money is a nexus that is the doorway into greater integration. All of us have some sort of knot around money. By going into that knot, we can attend to all of these bigger things like the shadow, dreams, vision, values, priorities, and awakening.

We are inviting you to join us to release these complicated and layered knots around money and allow yourself to let go the dam of resistance, shame, guilt, superiority, privilege, and fear. To have the courage to look at your projections onto money and be on your way to a place of integration between the material and the spiritual.

We want you to be lighter, brighter and to give and attract the amount of money you need to manifest your purpose. 

Money and Spirituality - Clear Sky Center
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Do any of these 8 knots sound like you?

  1. You might be very passionate about your work as an artist, teacher, healer, in business, or as a transformational change agent. Yet you seem to repel the very resources that you need. Somehow embracing the money thing is felt as inauthentic to your values or being evil on some level. Is it truly noble to be a starving artist or a martyr?
  2. Perhaps you feel money is elusive and you never seem to have it, or when it comes in it leaves very quickly. You may feel that you and money just don’t seem to have any relationship at all. Or you don’t feel you are good with it. You might be looking for that Prince Charming, or a protector to turn up and make it all better for you. Or maybe, you feel that money should just come because you are devoting your life to a worthy cause or to your awakening. Shouldn’t I just trust in the universe that the money comes? Yet, it doesn’t.
  3. Perhaps you over give, undervalue yourself in your organization, non-profit or in partnerships, either in marriage or in business. You might expect others to read your mind and know how to support you, and they don’t. You might have the experience of feeling unseen, burnt out, with health and money issues calling for your attention.
  4. Or your family may have money but you don’t, giving you mixed experiences of privilege and scarcity; you may try to help others experience more abundance and feel that your efforts are rejected;  or your efforts to be generous may leave you feeling taken advantage of or dismissed.
  5. You might be a person with wealth and/or worldly success. In spite of this, you might feel ostracized by the very people you want to help. You might not feel so cared for or maybe even feel like an outsider by those in the spiritual or transformational world or with a mission-based business. What is this about?
  6. You may have mixed feelings about having money, as a spiritual explorer. Perhaps you have come into money without being introduced to the skills to handle it skillfully, both practically and psychologically.
  7. Or perhaps you feel overwhelmed with fear of losing money, even though you have enough of it. Your fear of loss might keep you paralyzed and stuck from making decisions that are more in alignment with your heart and your own awakening. 
  8. You might feel guilty about having money and find that trusting yourselves and others is an ongoing challenge. You might not like the distance that money causes between you and others. 

Integrating Spiritual and Material

What to Expect:

  • As a global human being, get an overview of our history with money;
  • Understand what spirituality means in the workplace and in your relationships;
  • Explore what integrating the spiritual and material would look like for you;
  • Name your particular patterns around money, at work, in your personal finances or in partnership;
  • Understand what a healthy relationship to money looks like;
  • Create an action plan to change self-sabotaging patterns;
  • Learn how to be a role model of financial maturity for others;
  • Feel more open, empowered, and confident in your relationship with money.
Clear Sky associate teachers

Meet your Teacher

Karen McAllister Co-Creator & Teacher - Clear Sky Center

Karen McAllister

Karen has worked with clients to transform their money issues, helping them become more effective, professional, and satisfied with their financial situation, and growing a sense of abundance. She brings knowledge and experience of financial issues from the practical, behavioral, and emotional perspectives. Her real magic and superpowers come from studying with her spiritual teachers, Acariya Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei, for over 20 years. Her teachers specialize in helping their students transcend their issues around money, sex, and power. And she is a beautiful example of the fruits of this work, known in Buddhist philosophy as the bodhisattva path.

Karen studied Economics in her degree and has been certified by Deborah Price of the The Money Coaching Institute as a Certified Money Coach, a Couples Money Coach, and a Business Archetype Coach. She studied with Lynne Twist from the Soul of Money Institute, including Mastering your Money and Transforming your Life, and Lynne’s Fundraising from the Heart program.

Further, Karen has made use of that training through her own role as a founding member at Clear Sky, which operates with a quadruple bottom line. Karen has been Board Chair since 2014 and is leader of Fund Development. Her passion for this arises out of her deep desire to awaken more fully and make the world a better place. She’s seen many amazing spiritual explorers and transformational change agents who want to make a difference yet don’t have the funds they need to truly fulfill their missions–despite the millions of dollars floating around in the economy. And she has also seen the other side. Many spiritual explorers with money who have tried to help others experience more abundance and feel that their efforts have been rejected; or their efforts to be generous have left them feeling taken advantage of or dismissed. Karen’s work is designed to change this. 

Karen wants you to show up as an integrated and whole human being. She’ll help you direct and attract financial resources in meaningful ways, steering away from greed and fear and towards love, generosity, collaboration, and reciprocity.

Course Details

  • Location: Online (Zoom)
  • Dates: April 3 – May 8, 2021
  • Time: 10:00am MT
  • Dana: $450CAD – $900CAD recommended range.
  • Please chat with us if you have concerns about the cost. Part of taking the money out of the shadow is stepping forward and having a pricing conversation with us.
This course is Dana based. We understand that your income might be effected due to COVID either negatively or positively. We do not want to turn anyone anyway, and we are always looking for ways to help you cultivate your generosity practise. Because of this, we are giving you the opportunity to give the lower rate if you are earning less currently, or we encourage to give the higher rate if your business is actually more profitable due to COVID. Many people feel guilty because they are doing well. We encourage you to think about paying it forward.

There is also an opportunity to give to the scholarship fund.