Event Co-ordinator

Event Co-ordinator

Karma Yoga – Service Stay Opportunity:

“Do you want to be of the greatest benefit for others?”

Clear Sky Center is looking for a practical and creative event coordinator who is interested in using their skills to develop the practice of karma yoga, the yoga of action and service. This is an opportunity to further develop your skills, to experience living in a meditative community, and to learn to maximize your efforts to be for the best possible good.

As the Clear Sky Event Coordinator, you desire to devote yourself to a worthy cause. You give your heart to the event from the seed to the flower. At the same time, you thrive on diversity and challenge, and are able to move between seeing the big picture of what makes for a successful event, and perfecting the details that make passable become exceptional.
You have a committed, probably daily, spiritual practice and a commitment to love and help make the world be a better place. You know that it’s better to take time to check in with your heart and identify the 3 things that really need to be done, instead of running around trying to get 100 things done on an impossible deadline.

Starting Date:

February 1st, 2017

Job Description:

Being the Event Coordinator at Clear Sky involves excellent communication and organizational skills, an initiatory spirit and an eagerness to learn. You are the connective tissue for our management team and clients, making sure both are prepared, vibrant and loved.

You will be a core, connecting member of the team, working closely with our clients, the onsite staff and karma yogis.

There are two levels to this role. The first level is simply booking and hosting great events and programs. There are various organizational tasks, from booking preparations to scheduling and staffing of each event.

The second level is strategic. You won’t just be checking things off; you’ll be paying attention to how things are being done. If you have ideas of how to do something better, to improve a system, or to combine redundant efforts, or simply to stop doing things that seem to be unnecessary, you’ll be offering those ideas, creating and modifying those systems. You’ll be observing and learning and helping to improve how we work and deliver what we do. You’ll also be proactive and thoughtful, so if there’s an obvious mistake, or something is left out, you’ll add it in, fix it, or make it work. You’ll be expected to proactively manage the process. You will keep a watch on what else needs to be done and proactively bring next steps to other team members.


“Do you want to impact the positive unfolding of a group?”

  • Collaborating with our Clear Sky sales and marketing teams to promote, run and improve all aspects of event coordination as well as to grow registrations and bookings.

  • Coordinating and collaborating with the Operations Manager and Kitchen Manager to share all booking details and to provide an excellent quality experience for all our guests.

  • Managing, reporting on and improving event and program budgets.

  • Thinking creatively and acting quickly to catch any curve-balls life throws your way to ensure successful event coordination and a welcoming experience for all guests to our centre.

  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) creation, and following existing SOPs for regular/ recurring registration and event coordination tasks.

  • Monitoring your own capacity and connection to stay centred when life is full, and communicating with the team when you do feel overwhelmed and need help identifying priorities.
  • Other duties and projects as they occur.

“Karma yoga has made my life much more fun and functional.” -Michelle Heinz

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