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We know this is a web-page, yet we have created this space, just like our center, for you. We want this page to be a sanctuary for you to step into. To step out of the whirl of life and into a space where you can ask – perhaps even find – what you or your team really need to grow.

So, welcome! Take a moment to arrive and get yourself comfortable. Relax your shoulders, take a few deep breaths, and allow a smile.

Rest into the moment and make yourself at home

Meditation Centre BC

Are you looking for a place to land in and launch from? A place to reconnect in and engage with your heart for change, whether as an individual or with your team?

Maybe at this moment you don’t really know what you want or what you need.

You might have the impression that you could use support but are unsure how to make sustainable changes.

Great, you can relax here, you’re not alone. People ask us all kinds of questions. Some of them you might be interested in too, so feel free to check out our FAQ page at any time. (FAQ page coming soon)

We are all ears (We’re listening)

The more you can tell us about where you’re at, what you need, or how you’ve experienced us, the better we’re able to respond. If the mood comes over you, you go a little wild and even ask a deeply burning question, don’t worry – we’ve given you full permission to not be shy. In our books, there are no bad questions whatsoever.

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Clear Sky Meditation Centre

3567 Cockell Road, Fort Steele BC, V0B 1N0