Your Personal Retreat Thank You Package

Thank you for choosing to do your retreat with us.

Our mission is to provide a space for all to transform their struggles and embrace the vitality of life. We hope your retreat provided what you were seeking. 

Returning home after retreat is a precious time. You may be feeling more grounded, spacious and rested. You may have set new intentions to help you continue feeling the positive outcomes of retreat. You may also be wondering about how to stay supported, grounded and clear now that you’re back in your daily routine. 

We recognize some of the unique opportunities and challenges you may be facing during this transition. To help your continued unfoldment, we’re offering three ways to continue the momentum of your retreat in your home meditation practice. 

Three Gifts for You:

Turn your home into a meditation center:

Associate Teachers Karen McAllister and Duncan Cryle offer a self-guided course on creating supportive Structures and Routines in your home to build a powerful meditation practice. 

Maintain a strong meditation practice:

Guided meditations with Michelle Heinz.

These can be modified into longer formal meditations or short mindful moments throughout your day.

MH Guided Meditations - Clear Sky Center

Set an intention for your next retreat:

Use the promo code below when you register and receive  25% off your next booking. 

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