Maintenance Assistant

Are you seeking a transformative experience that goes deeper than your daily routine? Or are you tired of the stress and dullness of your worklife? Are you in transition and looking for a fun and supportive environment to clean up big areas of your life and strengthen your spiritual growth?

If so, we invite you to apply for our Karma Yoga position at Clear Sky Meditation Centre.

Does This Sound Like You?

Clear Sky Meditation and Study foundation has an opening in its Karma Yoga program for an energetic, talented, resourceful, and curious individual to take on the role of Maintenance Assistant.

As Maintenance Assistant, you know that some projects are easier with the help of others. Working with the Operations Manager, you will be involved in Clear Sky’s day-to-day infrastructure management. You should have fundamental knowledge of and experience in one or more trade skills, be able to maintain heating, plumbing, and electrical systems and respond to minor carpentry, electrical and plumbing troubleshooting issues. There will be capital projects to participate in as well.

Desirable areas of expertise include one or more of:

  • carpentry
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • vehicle mechanics
  • irrigation

While at Clear Sky, you will find that conversations shape your unfoldment and the space that you share with others. In addition to your core activities, you will participate in Clear Sky’s dynamic and exciting Karma Yoga personal development program. This program brings adventuresome individuals together to explore, question, and learn in individual and group contexts. Through meditation, group interaction, wisdom teachings and study, you will enter Clear Sky’s leading edge environment wherein the training for personal and group unfoldment is the central purpose.

Please note, this role has the potential to become a management position.

General Overview of the Role

As Maintenance Assistant, you recognize the value that structure and routine have within a vibrant organization. Every day, you are invaluable to the entire team because your contribution helps all of us honor the space that we occupy.

Click here to see what day-to-day tasks may be:
  • Completing routine weekly and monthly maintenance duties with special attention to seasonal tasks
  • Repair infrastructure breakdown as it arises
  • Take active role in handling unexpected and emergency situations
  • Coordinates and supervise Karma Yogis who are carrying out maintenance tasks
  • Manages the maintenance budget. Proposes yearly budget to treasurer.
  • Liaise with the Board to contract maintenance by subcontractors where required
  • Communicates with onsite core members to prioritize and coordinate individual tasks
  • Participation in weekly meetings with other CS residents & members
  • Representing  Clear Sky in the wider community. Occasionally presenting at conferences
  • Supporting the awakening community by contributing to cooking, cleaning, and other household duties
  • Supporting the vision and principles of Clear Sky and contributing to its evolution
  • Engaging with founding Teachers, Doug and Catherine Sensei,  and the Clear Sky community in the ongoing personal growth process.

Why immerse yourself in a spiritual community?

In short, it’s easier with others. Modern living demands much of our energy and resources on a daily basis. This makes it challenging to find the resources (will, time and/or money) to actually spend an extended period of time in retreat and/or in depth exploration. Spending time in the embrace of a spiritual container, like that of a retreat center, is deeply nourishing and transformative. The supportive and often invisible conditions the retreat container and an awakening community provides, can spark small and often profound changes on one’s life path. This heightened awareness and depth of experience, facilitates your ability to deeply appreciate and focus on what really matters.

A deep diving immersion experience like this is not easy to find and makes for rich rewards for those who do. (Added benefits are spending quality time in community and nature, including with Sonora- one of our residential teachers’ horse, who brings ongoing opportunities to connect deeply and mirror our mind states back to us more frequently.) Quickly you can develop and broaden your skillsets, inner strength, and confidence. Over the years, we have seen our participants leave much more connected to themselves and others. They are more energized, and focused, able to show up, communicate and participate in their world, in more meaningful ways.

Length of Stay

The 2017 Maintenance Assistant Karma Yoga position is a three month or longer commitment. All positions have a one month trial period. If you are a member of our community and would like to apply to spend some time assisting in this role and some time in retreat, this is also possible.

Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible to apply for our karma yoga program if you:

  • have a heart for spiritual exploration
  • want to reap the benefits of living in a conscious and awakening community (see above)
  • can commit to a minimum of a 3 month stay
  • can support yourself during and after your stay, with a minimum of $2000 in savings and $75+ a week for expenses (for such things as your days off, and occasional group meals and activities offsite)


From the Karma Yoga program you will receive and develop your spiritual, life, and career skills. Karma Yoga program participants will also receive meals and accommodation for the length of their stay, to the value of $750 per month.


I am not sure that my family will recognize me! I know I am transformed from my stay in the Karma Yoga program at Clear sky center, my heart is tenderer, my ears are sincerely listening, my body is grounded and I can be content with this moment without negotiation.


– (Maryline Fortier – June 2015)

I’m launching a new business. In the past I’ve struggled with business and had a business not work out the way I had intended. The reason that I feel confident in the success of this new business is the learning and growth I have experienced in the Karma Yoga program at Clear Sky. The training in systems, the experience of being in a team business where we reflect on our own patterns and support each other to change, these things have been transforming. This experience has dramatically enhanced and expanded the skills I couldn’t quite put together before Clear Sky. I recommend it highly.

– (Stephen Gilmour 2015)

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