Clear Sky Library

Clear Sky Library

Welcome to our new treasure trove.

Regular meditation forms the foundation of a strong spiritual practice. To support meditation and study of the Dharma, we’re gradually creating bespoke meditations and other resources, based on inspiration from our founding teachers, associate teachers, and sangha.

Some meditations were recorded as part of our online courses and others created specifically to be a free resource here.

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1) Meditations with Michelle Heinz

Originally from New Zealand, Michelle met our Founding Teachers, Doug and Catherine Sensei, while living in Japan. Shortly after that, Michelle relocated to Canada to become one of Clear Sky’s Founding members.

Michelle thoughtfully brings a sense of playfulness, calm and lovingkindness to her teachings and meditations. It is through this lens that she Co-Created Ignite your Spiritual Life and our Three Month Intensive Program.

Michelle currently lives and teaches in Nelson, BC. Find out more about her live classes here.

Michelle Guided Meditation - Clear Sky Center

Grounding Meditation: The Gift of Being Present

Ten-minute Guided Meditation.

2) Podcast

Wisdom teachings are also freely available on our founding teachers’ podcasts. Search your favorite podcast platform for Dharma if You Dare or listen directly from their website.