Clear Sky Library

Clear Sky Library

Welcome to our new treasure trove.

Regular meditation forms the foundation of a strong spiritual practice. To support meditation and study of the Dharma, we’re gradually creating bespoke meditations and other resources, based on inspiration from our founding teachers, associate teachers, and sangha.

Some meditations were recorded as part of our online courses and others created specifically to be a free resource here.

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Guided Meditations

Maureen Smith

For over 20 years Maureen has been studying meditation and mindfulness with awakening masters Qapel and Catherine Sensei.  

As Clear Sky’s longest Resident (living here since 2005), Maureen’s life purpose is exploring consciousness and gaining wisdom into human nature in order to support people to grow into fully developed human beings. 

Find out more about her classes here.

Embracing the Divine: Embodying the Feminine

Twenty-minute Guided Meditation.

Michelle Heinz

Originally from New Zealand, Michelle met our Founding Teachers, Doug and Catherine Sensei, while living in Japan. Shortly after that, Michelle relocated to Canada to become one of Clear Sky’s Founding members.

Michelle thoughtfully brings a sense of playfulness, calm and lovingkindness to her teachings and meditations. Living and teaching in Nelson, B.C., find out more about her classes here.

Michelle Guided Meditation - Clear Sky Center

Grounding: The Gift of Being Present

Ten-minute Guided Meditation.

Relaxation: Deep Relaxation

Twelve-minute Guided Meditation.

Purification: The Waterfall

Five-minute Guided Meditation.

Embodiment: Skin, Flesh, Bones

Five-minute Guided Meditation.

This can be modified into longer formal meditations or short mindful moments throughout your day.

Dharma if you Dare Podcast

What does it take to live a life of meaning and compassion in our busy day-to-day lives?  Tune in to get the knowledge and tools you need to help you tackle life’s biggest obstacles joyfully … if you dare!

Dharma Teachers Qapel and Catherine Sensei share with you the journey to a life of clarity and bliss.  Join them on this podcast of excerpts of their live teachings. They share ancient wisdom updated to speak to the current and evolving paradigm of spiritual awakening in our modern age.