Maintenance Position – Day to day

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  • Completing routine weekly and monthly maintenance duties with special attention to seasonal tasks
  • Repair infrastructure breakdown as it arises
  • Take active role in handling unexpected and emergency situations
  • Coordinates and supervise Karma Yogis who are carrying out maintenance tasks
  • Manages the maintenance budget. Proposes yearly budget to treasurer.
  • Liaise with the Board to contract maintenance by subcontractors where required
  • Communicates with onsite core members to prioritize and coordinate individual tasks
  • Participation in weekly meetings with other CS residents & members
  • Representing  Clear Sky in the wider community. Occasionally presenting at conferences
  • Supporting the awakening community by contributing to cooking, cleaning, and other household duties
  • Supporting the vision and principles of Clear Sky and contributing to its evolution
  • Engaging with founding Teachers, Doug and Catherine Sensei,  and the Clear Sky community in the ongoing personal growth process.