If you find that your life feels a bit overwhelming with details and you want to deeply change how you relate to it, this Karma Yoga immersion program may be just what you're ready for.

Karma Yoga can be both a re-nourishing of your soul, and a way to develop your ability - to an advanced degree - to walk in the complex modern world with real consciousness, love and awareness.

Whether you have the opportunity to spend 3 months or longer focused on fast-tracking your growth and development, or you are looking for ways to deepen your spiritual practice, Clear Sky may be the place to do it.

Giving guidance in meditation, study and specific areas of personal growth, the Karma Yoga program also allows you to bring your skills and experience to something worthwhile.


Through karma yoga at Clear Sky I have gained confidence and insight, as well as employable skills. All of these skills I developed here at Clear Sky. Above all, I have welcomed deeper connections to universal principles of myself and other, including the honour to work closely with Awakening teachers, board members and management.

— Michelle Heinz, Dec 2012

What is Karma Yoga?

An hour of Karma Yoga can bring insights that might not arise in years on the meditation cushion. It is all there right in the moment, revealed by our activity!

We call it Awakening in Action. Karma Yoga is mindful action and interaction through the day, in the service of what makes us grow. At Clear Sky we celebrate and recognize the teachers, teachings, community and the center that support and nurture our growth. We focus our actions and service into strengthening and growing that which nourishes us.

Daily, we embrace the training opportunities that karma yoga provides. One of the most liberating aspects is how quickly and vividly we can reveal deep patterns that are holding us back, and learn to work with them.

And the meaning of the words Karma Yoga? - Traditionally “Karma”’ is translated as action, and the effects of action and ‘yoga’ as union.‘ Karma Yoga’ is therefore a path to realisation, or union, through action.


I'm appreciating more and more how amazing you all are. I'm very pleased how the dharma I gained at Clear Sky has not been dying out in me as I feared, but feels like a seed that is now germinating in me and promising future fruit. I'm so grateful to you all :)

— Vanessa Bachynsky, 2015


What are the benefits of Karma Yoga?

Karma Yoga is a kick-ass way to awaken in this lifetime. It is a path for quick transformation that you can use at work or while taking out the trash.

Karma Yoga

  • strengthens and grows our capacity for greater generosity, discipline, patience, focus, wisdom and JOY.
  • helps free us from going-nowhere patterns and opens up new paths of exploration and discovery.
  • develops skill and compassion in communication, teamwork and relationships, which allows us to connect more deeply.
  • boosts our creativity, clarity, and ability to act wisely, quickly.
  • helps us integrate our inner meditative work with our daily lives; it actualizes the meaningful changes we are seeking.

..asking, "What can I do to help the team?" is important for expanding the spectrum of how you show up.

– Catherine Pawasarat Sensei


One of the reasons joy is joy is because the release of joy is preceded by the tension of effort

– Doug Duncan Sensei

What a dramatic shift in my view of human beings since my service stay program at Clear sky center. Others are not a threat! In fact, learning to live with each others has been the most powerful and transformative experience in my life.

— Maryline Fortier, June 2015

How do I train in Karma Yoga?

At Clear Sky we offer Dharma Training and guidance from our resident trainers.

Put very simply, Dharma Training emphasizes mindfulness at the core of everything we do, and where we are not mindful indicates where we have room to grow. Our trainers will help you see your blind spots - where you lose mindfulness, act unconsciously and drop into habit or preference mind.

Between them, our experienced Dharma Trainers have received decades of training themselves. They also pull from knowledge gleaned from ancient Buddhist teachings, and give equal weight to any school of thought that leads to more conscious and sustainable ways of being - including but not limited to psychology, holistic management, living in community and systems thinking.

As part of the management team and as a karma yogini, I’ve learned the wisdom of combining skillful interpersonal communication with organizational ability and compassionate training with a heart of loving-kindness.

— Linda Yamashita, January 2013


Are you ripe for the challenge?

If you are looking for a life-changing experience, are curious and value a community that connects deeply, apply today.

We welcome all applications including those from people who have little or no experience with meditation, but are looking to explore spirituality in community.

Applications are welcome at all times, and we can be flexible enough to fast-track entry based on mutual benefit. For greatest chance of acceptance into the Karma Yoga program, we recommend applying six to nine months prior to the time you wish to join us. Those with the most flexibility may receive priority placement in the program.

If you want an experience that helps to wake you up and brings you greater personal mastery, check out the different ways to do Karma Yoga at Clear Sky.

The Karma Yoga Program

Karma Yoga Onsite Program - limited places available

Karma Yoga Online Program

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