Our Online Courses

The 4 Noble Truths - Buddha Dharma 101 Sign up now for this online course on the basics of the Buddhist teachings.

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Holistic Habits and Starting a Meditation Practice. Sign up now for this online course for a holistic approach on forming new habits successfully.

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Our Upcoming Residential Retreats & Courses

Weeklong Retreat: Reconnect: An immersion into Extraordinary Living- May 23-30 With the Clear Sky Resident Trainers. Click here to read more.

Weekend Retreat: Assets Beyond Measure - June 3 - 6. With Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat. Click here to read more

Weekend Retreat: Liberation through Mindfulness of Breathing - July 29 - 31. With Maya Lewandowsky. Click here to read more.

2-Week Retreat: Awakening Through Action - August 8 - 20. Click here to read more.

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Planet Dharma

Check out the online and residential teaching schedule of Planet Dharma, the new website of Clear Sky's founding teachers.